In the second R Video Tutorial I show you how you can scrape tables from websites, change them into whatever format you need and then automatically upload the new table to a WordPress Website.

All of this takes place within an R Markdown file. If you want to see me make a video about R Markdown, please let me know.

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The video:

The code part 1: The R Markdown file

```{r generate table, include = FALSE}


#GET HTML page and transfer it to tables
rlo <- httr::GET("")
rlo <- xml2::read_html(rlo)

#read out "table node"
schedule <- rvest::html_nodes(rlo, css = "table")[2]

#Get the raw schedule
schedule <- rvest::html_table(schedule)
schedule <- data.table::rbindlist(schedule)

#Some data wrangling to get what we need
schedule <- schedule[Home == "Rohrbach Crazy Geese" | Away == "Rohrbach Crazy Geese"]

#Get Date and Time from Date column
schedule[, Date_new := strptime(schedule$Date, format = '%Y-%m-%d %H:%M:%S')]

schedule[, Datum := format(schedule$Date_new, "%d.%m.%Y")]
schedule[, Beginn := format(schedule$Date_new, "%H:%M")]

#Format the location
schedule[Field %like% "Rohrbach", Field := "Rohrbach"]
schedule[Field %like% "Schwechat", Field := "Rannersdorf"]
schedule[Field %like% "Spenadlwiese", Field := "Spenadlwiese - Wien"]
schedule[Field %like% "Schrems", Field := "this really works"]

#select the columns we want
schedule <- select(schedule, -Date_new)

#Format the team names
schedule <-, function(x) {
                  mgsub(x, c("Rohrbach Crazy Geese", "Schwechat Blue Bats"), c("Crazy Geese", "Blue Bats"))

#find rows which have results
results <- grepl(" - ", schedule$`Time/Results`)

schedule[results, Ergebnis := `Time/Results`]
schedule[!results, Ergebnis := " - "]

#select the columns we want
schedule <- select(schedule, Datum, Beginn, Heim = Home, Gast = Away, Spielort = Field, Ergebnis)

#Vector to decide which lines should be blue
blue_rows <- which(schedule$Spielort == "Rohrbach")

schedule_format <- kable(schedule, align = c(rep("c", 6))) %>%
  kable_styling(bootstrap_options = c("responsive")) %>%
  row_spec(blue_rows, color = "#01023C")


**Regular Season**

```{r show the table , echo = FALSE}

**Heimspiele sind blau markiert**

The code part 2: The R Script to post to WordPress

        WordPressURL = 'http://www.YOURWEBSITE.COM/xmlrpc.php')

#Problem with RWordPress, wouldn't let you install on latest R Version with install.packages("RWordPres").
#Here is a workaround

###post to wordpress##
        title = 'Spielplan RLO 2018',
        publish = TRUE, action = "editPost", postid = 1032)

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