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The SPSS Syntax Generator takes in a simple Excel file and puts out SPSS Syntax so you can quickly label your SPSS data set. Check out this short video tutorial to know how to work with it and then go ahead and use it. You can also find the source code of this Shiny App at Github to use it offline with your local R installation. 


I like to help Market Researchers and Researchers in general to streamline their workflows. For that I work as a Market Research Consultant and develop tools myself. I make Video Tutorials about the things I learn on the way.

Analysing data is a complex endeavor. There are many methods and steps as well as different software involved. That’s why I like to help out people who work with data in their every day work. From cleaning data to the final report, there are many steps where we can save time and nerves. 

If you have the feeling that you are wasting too much time with tasks that need to be done but are repetitive, I think I could help you out

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